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Who Oversees The Sober Living Environment Homes?

There is a resident “house parent” whom oversees our homes. A house parent is an individual who has demonstrated the desire to work in the field of substance abuse treatment and has been in recovery for a significant length of time. The house parent receives on going training, and is constantly pursuing their education and advancement in the recovery field. Each home also provides an assistant house parent who assists the house parent in maintaining the house guidelines and standards, in order to assist residents in acclimating into the new standard of living. The house parent works closely with each resident to help the resident reach their goal of living clean and sober.
Residents are responsible for:

  • Providing their own food and meal preparation
  • Bedding
  • Personal items
  • Household chores

Client Activities

We realize a key component to sobriety is learning how to participate in recreation without abusing substances. In view of this clients enjoy group outings, barbeques, bowling, fishing trips, group sporting events, recovery conventions, recovery retreats and seminars and reunions.

You need a sober living home when:

  1. A clean and sober living home is needed while undergoing substance abuse treatment.
  2. When experiencing a need for additional recovery support in difficult times of stress.
  3. Applicant can enjoy living in a sober supportive familial environment.
  4. Applicant whom wants a long term supportive residency.
  5. When applicant’s significant other is a substance abuser at home and applicant wants to remain in a safe sober supportive environment.
  6. Some applicants check in as a period of retreat. (While doing a tune-up episode in our outpatient and day treatment programs.)

Resident Fees

Fees vary based on the desired locations. Fees are due at the time of admission; the second month will be prorated. Fees are due on the first of each month paid by cash or money order. Receipts issued on all transactions. Fees are nonrefundable. All applicants and admit residents are required to pay a onetime admit/intake application fee of $100.00 which is non refundable.

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