“Choosing to live in the sober living home during and after treatment saved my family relationships, my job, and helped me learn good living skills which made me a happier and a better father, husband, and employee”. Sincerely Anonymous.

“I could not have reached all the goals I have reached had I not lived in an SLE for the year that I did. I stayed sober, I learned that I am a kind loving person. I can accomplish anything I put my mind on doing, as long as I am willing to work for it. I can and I will.” Anonymous

“The house parents helped me to work through my problems through talking about them, attending life saving 12 step AA and NA meetings.” Anonymous

“I learned how to have fun sober in my sober living environment. I learned to be a team player, how to shop for healthy foods and cook them. I learned how to correctly handle my finances. Best of all today, I have my own place clean and sober!” Anonymous

“The House parents and men and women in the program helped me learn boundaries and how to make the right choices. We were able to include our families in our social functions. The people in the SLEs really cared about me as an ally in recovery. Happily Anonymous

“I was able to attend my chosen religious meetings regularly, the house parents respected us and encouraged us to read and learn about recovery. Anonymous

“I recommend anyone getting sober to take a life break and live in an SLE for at least 90 days. Your whole outlook on everything will change. We were all one big family in a clean and sober atmosphere. Now I have remained sober, completed my college education, and live independently.” Successfully Anonymous

“I was very pleased with the service and even more impressed with the quality of the homes and the structure of the program.” Kms

“Wow I’ve been in soberlivings all over California and this is the best one I’ve seen keep doing what your doing because it works.” TK

“I have never felt such compassion from anyone like I did from that place they are wonderful at what they do and the houses they have are neat clean and beautiful.” Smk

“The houses I toured were really nice, and extremely clean and organized.And the staff were really nice and friendly.” RJS

“Sheli and staff at A. Lujan recovery homes ensures that their patience and residents have the finest care, and counseling. I have personally visited and know people who have received treatment in their facilities both in Fresno and Los Banos. The clean and safe environment would be my first choice for a family member or loved one who would be in need of help and guidance.” Gabriella B.

“I dont know where I would Be without the help thanks so much.” Eric M.

“I’ve heard good things about this home and by far one of the few I would say is suitable for recovering addicts.” Leila M.

“I really want to thank you for helping my brother.” Lee H.

“I have never had such a good experience in a sle before they are the best.” J Hall

“The homes I toured are gorgious and very clean.” Lillian Calip

“5th sle I’ve been to by far the best in all areas.” Geoff

“The nicest staff I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.” Paula B.

“They gave me my sister back many thanks.” K A

“I really enjoy the time here and the support I have from my peers I can count on and is paramount in my recovery.” Bret S.

“They really care about people and have taught me life skills and how to be a better person.” Gilbert N.

“I am highly familiar with A. Lujan Recovery Programs, particularly their Sober Living Houses, and I honestly can say that without the assistance and programs they provide I would not have the quality of life I now have and have always wanted. Aside from freedom from active addiction, I now have, and am continuing to build, a solid self-worth, a network of friends and support that are second to none, and a spiritual foundation that has been greatly missed and needed in my life. Words cannot express how grateful I am for everything this sober living house has given me and allowed me to retrieve in my life. Thank you to everyone in this program, I love you guys more than you know.” Paul W.

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