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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I have my family or friends visit me while I am in the SLE?
We encourage family and friends supporting you while in all phases of getting help. We have family programs which would include family and friends. The groups are designed to answer and support you and your family. We also have designated family visiting.

If my family or friend is unwilling to get help, what can I do?
In order to help we would ask you to come in and discuss the presenting problems and we will help you with a strategy to help your family member or significant other. We have a referral list of professional resources if we are unable to assist.

How will the children deal with their parent being away from home?
Children are often aware of the problem and are often feeling as fearful as the person with the problem. If the children are young they will experience some relief knowing that there is help for the person with the substance abuse problem. If the child is an adolescent or an adult, he or she may be experiencing a range of emotions and not want to participate. We can implement a plan to deal with these difficult issues.

What makes this program different?
Our program is fortunate to have a wide range of available services. We recognize that “one shoe does not fit all.” We utilize the 12-step traditions with the current best practices in addiction medicine.

Will my information regarding my stay at the SLE be confidential?
Yes. Confidentiality is the benchmark of A.Lujan Recovery Programs.

How long can I stay at the Sober Living Environment Home?
The length of stay of is based on the individual’s needs.

Am I allowed to take my current medications?
Yes, however, mind-altering addictive medications are not permitted.

What might I expect when I get to A.Lujan Recovery Programs, Sober Environment Homes?
You can expect to be welcomed and treated with warmth, dignity, and respect.

Will my job have to know about my SLE participation?
No. Your stay with A.Lujan Recovery Programs SLE is strictly confidential. If you need to notify your job that you are in an SLE, we can notify them only with a signed release from you.

Do I have to go to groups?
Our experience is that most clients fully benefit from the support and encouragement found by attending Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, and other support groups.


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