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Sober Living Homes (SLEs)

The A.Lujan Sober Living Environments (SLE) are not institutions; we believe sobriety, responsibility, and accountability are integral to substance abuse recovery. We do provide a safe alcohol and drug free environment where each individual is surrounded by coaching and support.

A.Lujan Sober Living Homes will encourage residents to develop a new clean and sober way of living which will foster better health, a positive attitude, and focus on a successful future. A rigorous pursuit of sobriety through community based support groups and spiritual resources are encouraged. Meeting attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous and Alanon, along with your choice of faith-based support groups, and other self-help groups. Meeting attendance is monitored as part of the home guidelines. A.Lujan Sober Living Environments are the catalysts which redefine lives in a proud, productive and responsible manner.

A. Lujan Sober Living Homes

We are a network of residential Sober Living Homes. The homes are structured as a familial living environment, which is beneficial for residents in recovery from substance abuse or co-dependency. Each home is operated independently and is unique in terms of location and design; however recovery and sobriety are the continual components.

Applicant must agree by signature to adhere to house rules and expectations as a condition of consideration for residency. We offer residents an opportunity and the dignity of taking responsibility for their own recovery and initiative to reach out to others.

Now serving communities throughout central and northern California including: San Jose, Ca. | Santa Cruz, Ca. | Los Gatos, Ca. | Saratoga, Ca. | Sunnyvale, Ca. | Santa Clara, Ca. | Milpitas, Ca. | Los Altos, Ca. | Morgan Hill, Ca. | Gilroy, Ca. | Hayward, Ca. | San Mateo, Ca. | Los Altos Hills, Ca. | Sacramento, Ca. | Napa, Ca. | Monte Sereno, Ca. Monterey, Ca. | Livermore, Ca. | Alviso, Ca. | Palo Alto, Ca. | Santa Clara County, Ca. | Santa Cruz County, Ca. | Monterey County, Ca. | San Mateo County, Ca. | San Francisco County, Ca. | San Francisco, Ca.

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